Future Gestalt by Brody Condon “doctor being voice”

designed and implemented live voice processor for film and performance art event.

part sci-fi film, part participatory performance, and part experiential essay on the history of psychotherapeutic group encounters. Set in a now antiquated vision of the far future, five trained performers robed in vivid, diaphanous costume are subjected to open-ended performative psychotherapy techniques, such as Gestalt group therapy, developed most famously by Fritz Perls in the 1940s. Tony Smith’s ‘shape shifting’ sculpture Smoke (1967), permanently installed at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, acts as the elaborate set, and carnivorous potted plants as exotic props.

Asher’s “Doctor Being Voice” alters the voice of the performer playing a futuristic group therapy leader. The speaker sounds as though guiding from another dimension in a future imagined in the 1960s. It is inhuman but familiar evoking both the past and future simultaneously.

The patch is a vocoder at it’s core, meaning it uses the human voice to electronically shape the phrase color of another sound. The sound being shaped is an agreggate of 1960s group therapy session audio clip loops, mangled by digital synthesis modulation.

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