Genghis Khan's Siege of Zhongdu - Deserters Storm Through the City Gate from justin asher on Vimeo.

Genghis Khan's Siege of Zhongdu - overtake and scatter from justin asher on Vimeo.

Genghis Khan’s Siege of Zhongdu

composed an interactive, electronic feedback loop piece for a trio of no-input mixer and 2 feedback controlled Stratocaster guitars played through hand held Honeytone amps. The no-input mixer controls the output of each feed-backing guitar and integrates it in to the loops generated by the mixer, adding and multiplying the waves. The graphic score is choreographic, indicating physical and sonic gestures, and follows the “innovative” 5 year siege by Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan upon the ancient city of Zhongdu (modern day Beijing)

Justin Asher – No-Input Mixer

Brendan Byrnes – Honeytone Guitar

Stephen Touchton – Honeytone Guitar


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